As proud authorized dealer/builders for American Buildings and Ceco Building systems, two of the leading metal building suppliers in the country, we offer quality pre-engineered metal buildings of almost any size.

Why a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

At Total Construction Services, Inc., we believe steel building is virtually maintenance free and has a lifetime of useage. They can be designed in practically any size you require, making them extremely versatile. A key advantage of this type of building is the pre-engineering aspect. These are pre-engineered before we come on site, so they practically build themselves, saving you money. Since these buildings are so flexible in design, they can be made according to the specifications of any business. And unlike conventional construction, pre-engineered metal buildings do not require extensive and expensive maintenance and renovations. By removing the guess work, we simply construct the building to the specifications of the pre-determined requirements.

Unbeatable Recycled Steel

Since 85% of the steel used in a metal building is recycled material it is virtually unbeatable when compared to other building materials for recycled content. As municipalities continue to provide subsidiaries favoring construction projects that have higher recycling value, and “Green Building” requirements, metal buildings have become more attractive in lieu of conventional structural steel or wood construction.

Pre-Engineered Saves You Money

In addition, the costs are about 30% of what it amounts to when building conventional offices and other buildings. This lower cost comes from higher labor efficiencies in factory produced metal building parts and easier on-site construction assembly through sole sourcing the “Metal Building System”. And a metal building only requires one contractor for construction versus conventional construction where you have multiple building materials put together and coordinated by multple independent contractors. No surprise charges and no add-ons or problems that need to be addressed. Although, you have the ability to customize your building to expand further or add details. Since each part of the building is constructed at the factory with strict levels of quality control and then assembled at the job location, the buildings are quick to erect, saving you anywhere from weeks to months of construction time. 

You receive the sturdy, dependable structure you require on-time and on-budget. At Total Construction Services, Inc. we offer pre-engineered metal buildings to fit your needs. Give us a call today to learn more!

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